Who Am I following on Facebook? Enhance Your FB Experience

The Facebook application is among the most popular applications in the globe, with billion active users. The individuals or pages we follow determine our FB newsfeed. We can only view what individuals post on FB when we follow them. This guide will demonstrate how to check who am I following on Facebook.

Knowing and accessing our following list is crucial since it allows us to unfollow people if we accidentally hit the follow button on a page. It is also necessary if we wish to validate if we follow those particular profiles or not. Facebook’s main page offers us content to view only when we follow specific pages. Today, we’ll learn how to view the list of those individuals or sites we follow on the FB application in a few easy ways.

It’s pretty simple to check your Insta following list. However, it is rather intriguing to view your FB following list. That’s because people you connect with on FB would automatically start following you. If your profile is public on FB, you could also have followers. That’s correct, and you could have a sizable FB following without ever being aware of it.

If you understand how to manage it, it’s straightforward to see who is following you on FB and whoever you follow. You could view this data with several easy steps and change your preferences to make FB perform smoother for you. Let’s look at who am I following on Facebook.

How to Check Who Am I Following On Facebook

You could view a list of the Facebook individuals you follow. A desktop and Android smartphone could get used to completing the task. If you want to know who you’re following on FB, proceed as follows.

How to Check People You Follow on Facebook on PC:

You may get the answer to who am I following on Facebook by visiting the following section on your account if you are curious about who you are following. The accounts and the pages you follow on FB get included in this list. When you are in the Buddies part of your account, select the next choice to view the list of FB users you are following. You may access your FB account to see the lists of individuals you are following. You can see the list of FB users you’re following by completing the procedures listed below:

  • Launch Google Chrome or another browser on your computer.
  • Visit Facebook and sign in with your profile.
  • Afterward, you must select the Friends tab on the homepage to access the Buddy List area.
  • You may notice the selection more directly above the titles of your buddies. Hit it.
  • It would give you two choices. Select the next category by clicking.

How to Check People You Follow on Facebook on Android:

You could utilize your Android device to view the number of individuals you follow on FB. After you enable the desktop option, you must use a search engine to access FB’s official webpage. The mobile edition does not allow you to view the number of followers.

If you want to access the lists of individuals, follow them on FB. After enabling the desktop option, it would help if you utilized Chrome or another browser to connect to your FB profile from the Facebook webpage. The similar settings you see on a desktop computer will be available. The list of FB users you are following will be visible from there.

  • On your smartphone, launch any browser, choose the three dots on the hand corner of the display, and then select the Desktop Website checkbox to enable the desktop site feature.
  • Visit Facebook.
  • Sign in to your profile while you’re on the signup screen.
  • From the main page, select Friends to see the connection list.
  • The list of FB users you are following can be viewed by first selecting the more button above the column and afterward selecting “following.”

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How to Stop People From Following You on Facebook?

You can prohibit individuals from following your FB profile in two practical manners:

  1. Privacy Section

You could reduce the number of individuals who can follow you on FB by altering the options in the privacy policies if you’re prepared to block individuals from doing so. To allow just your buddies to follow you on FB, you must change the privacy setting to Friends.

Unknown persons cannot follow your FB page according to your settings. Consumers of FB get given the option to select who could follow their account. You have the choice between two choices: Open and Friends. Changing to Friends on FB may restrict who can follow you. Only the folks on your buddy list would be able to follow your account; everyone else won’t.

  • Access Facebook.
  • Tap the symbol with three parallel lines, then navigate down the screen to the Preferences and Privacy section. Just hit it.
  • The Preferences and Privacy screen will appear once you click the Options gear symbol.
  • To access the Following and Public Activity options, browse the screen and touch it.
  • The first portion of Who May Follow Me could get found on the page after this one. You must switch the selection from Open to Friends.

Nobody else can follow you; only the profiles on your FB acquaintances list may.

  1. Unfollow People

FB’s default option is for new friends to follow one another automatically. By unfollowing their profile from FB’s Friend’s category, you could prevent others from following your profile. When you unfollow a user, your account will also get immediately unfollowed. Begin unfollowing those you are now following on FB if you wish to decrease the number of individuals that follow your account.

Bottom Line

This article described how to view who am I following on Facebook for you. You’ll be able to watch it both on Desktop and Android. On FB, the lists of individuals you follow reflect the pages and accounts you follow simultaneously.

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