What is comment ranking on Facebook and how it impacts Facebook Pages?

Well, we don’t want to start this article by explaining what Facebook is or how does it work because we know even a six-year-old kid would know these things. Anyway, not all users know to answer this question, though. What is comment ranking on Facebook? If you want to know the exact answer, please keep reading as this report is all about comment ranking on Facebook. Let’s dive in.

What is comment ranking on Facebook?

If you had an eager look at the wording “comment ranking,” you would get a somewhat of meaning of this. Yes, Facebook really wants to show the most appropriate results to their users and blend value into the time users spend on their platform. So, Facebook will show the best comments to you when you are scrolling down a particular post, and that is what you call comment ranking on Facebook.

How does Facebook comment ranking works?

As you now know the answer to “what is comment ranking on Facebook,” let’s take a moment and see how Facebook comment ranking actually works. The thing with this feature is that as of now, Facebook provides you the opportunity whether to use it or not. So, the Facebook comment ranking feature is something that you can activate or work without it on the platform.

If you want to use Facebook comment ranking, this is how it works.

As a Facebook user, you have to follow community guidelines of them in order to stay active on it. If you happen to violate them, be it via a Facebook post or even a comment, Facebook will take necessary actions to remove the post and put certain restrictions on your Facebook page or personal account. So, that is one way Facebook ranks the comments as well.

However, it’s not always the community guidelines that come into play when it comes to the comment ranking feature. The engagements one comment receives from other users, such as likes and replies, also have a significant say on that. When a particular comment gets more interactions, such comments will pop up to the top, beating others, and there is nothing wrong about it, isn’t it?

In addition, Facebook often sends surveys to their users asking what they want on their platform to make the time they spend on it a meaningful one. And, they consider those answers when they rank comments to show the most appropriate ones.

How does Facebook comment ranking impact a Facebook page?

Well, we have seen some Facebook page owners think the Facebook comment ranking feature has a connection with the number of followers they have on their Facebook page. However, there is no exact number to reach in order to use the feature on your Facebook page. That said, the bigger the fan base you have, the more comments you will get for your Facebook posts.

When you have more comments, Facebook will use the comment ranking feature to show appropriate comments given you have activated it.

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What are the benefits of the Facebook comment ranking feature?

Well, there are a few benefits you will get through the Facebook comment ranking feature if you are using it on your Facebook page. Some of them are listed below for your observation.

  • This feature will improve the credibility of your brand and page. The useful comments you get on your posts will definitely enhance the user experience, and ultimately it could have a positive impact on your page/brand.
  • When you have a considerably big Facebook page, it will be pretty much impossible for you to run through each and every comment to remove the inappropriate comments. If you have the comment ranking feature, this will not be an issue for you.
  • When the users get more valuable posts and comments, they will love to interact more and more with your page. It will help you get more likes and followers to your Facebook page, which subsequently improves the chances of more sales if you are maintaining a business.
  • More engagements mean more organic reach. Nowadays, almost all social media platforms have their own ads platform and due to which they intentionally limit the organic reach. However, when there are more user engagements, it will help you get more organic reach without having to pay bucks.

How to enable Facebook comment ranking on a Facebook Page?

Before the end of the article, let us show you the process of enabling the comment ranking feature on your Facebook page.

1st step – First, go to your Facebook feed and select the page that you want to activate the comment ranking feature.

2nd step – Then, on the left side pane, scroll down to settings and select “general.”

3rd step – Now, you will see the option of comment ranking at the bottom part of the right side pane.

4th step – In order to activate the feature, click the box which is in front of “see most relevant comments by default.” Then, finally, confirm your action by clicking “save changes.”

That is how you activate the comment ranking feature on Facebook.


If you are a Facebook page owner, now you should realize the importance of the comment ranking feature of Facebook and how to activate or deactivate it. As far as we are concerned, we think it is a useful feature every Facebook page should use. It saves you the time that you would spend to remove or reply to spam comments, and most importantly, as we explained, this feature will help you improve the credibility of your brand.

In this competitive world of social media, it is utterly important to take necessary actions whenever possible to stay on the safe side of things. The Facebook comment ranking feature is definitely one thing you should use to safeguard your Facebook page. If you need more details regarding the points we discussed, we are readily available for you to help. Until the next one, it’s goodbye from us.

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