How to Translate Instagram Comments? [Updated Guide]

Instagram features a built-in function for translating the description and responses of a post into the language you’ve selected for the app. This article provides a stage process explanation of “how to translate Instagram comments.”

Quick Response

How to translate Instagram comments? If you want to translate anything quickly, you may use a program like Google Translate or select the “See translation” option next to the remark.


According to the tongue things were published in, along with the language preferences of the individual seeing it, subtitles and remarks on articles in the newsfeed, in addition to the biography you submit on the account, are instantly converted.

You may translate Instagram material into whatever tongue you know in order to comprehend what it is saying. For such feeds post, it works to translate an Instagram remark. That applies to the text-related information that was added by the post’s creator.

As of right now, we are unable to view “Translate” choices for all remarks that open once a user taps the remarks button on a smartphone. However, Instagram remarks remain able to be translated. We’ll demonstrate in this blog how to translate Instagram comments into any tongue.

How to Translate Instagram Comments?

You may see the interpretation by tapping the ‘See translation’ link under the content if it is accessible for the region. This Instagram translation converts the user bio, image descriptions, and remarks from other languages into the tongue you choose to use the app. 

If you set English as your native tongue when using the app, Instagram will only interpret remarks and descriptions in English. As a result, you must change your app’s primary language when you require translation into a different language.

Process of Translating Instagram Comments – Step-By-Step

Method 1: Hover your cursor over the words below to view the translation

Since the program utilizes that translation as a starting point, you need first verify which languages you employ in the Instagram application.

  • Run the program and then tap on the profile picture in the bottom right corner and accomplish this.
  • Next, select Settings by clicking the three-line icon in the top right-hand corner. Choose an account next. Look up Language. You may preserve the setting by clicking the Instagram language users wish to change.
  • The descriptions and responses of Instagram posts should now be translated when this step is complete.

Once Instagram is loaded, select the Instagram post whose remarks you wish to convert.

  • A “See translation” link may be found underneath the picture, to the side of the article’s publication date.
  • For a translation of the entire caption and highlighted remarks, click on it.
  • You can read every remark in any language in under a moment.
  • By selecting the “See original” option when the translation is complete, you may see the subtitles and remarks again in the native tongue.

Method 2: Use your device’s internet browser to visit Instagram as well as view translation

When you visit an Instagram profile through an internet browser, the “See translation” option for remarks is available!

Touch the “See translation” button next to the remark after you’ve located it and are ready to interpret it. Tapping “See original” will reverse the transcription.

Method 3: Have a third-party service translation tool interpret the remark

If you wish to interpret a remark using only third-party software, you should take it and then enter that into the application of your choosing. It could be more practical. 

Instagram will only convert something when you use the “See translation” button; otherwise, it will use the language set as the standard in the browser or smartphone application. But with only a few taps, you can do this and convert the remark into a variety of languages.

For people who wish to study a specific language, speak and comprehend several tongues, or are merely interested in various language groups, this is an excellent alternative.

When Should You Make Use of a Third-party Translation Tool to Translate Instagram Comments?

  • If you’re utilizing the Instagram smartphone app.
  • If you would like the remark to be translated into a tongue other than the one set as the standard for the Instagram profile.
  • If you wish to make the remark available in many tongues.

What Problems Does the Interpretation of Instagram Comments Face?

Even if the description and accompanying remarks should be interpreted, in many cases, all that is possible is to translate the initial version that appears with the video or photo.

How Do You Interpret the Instagram Story?

There is a way to translate Instagram stories’ comments. The choice to “See translation” will show up beneath the identity if the description of such an IG story is written in a tongue other than the one your app prefers. View the accessible by tapping the See translation button.

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Launch an Instagram story with a comment inside a language other than the one used by the app by default.
  • Underneath the profile image and title, you can find the See translation choice.
  • You may see the language by tapping the text that says “See translation.”

How Can I Remove My Instagram Bio’s Transcription?

Instagram had begun translating user-profiles and remarks in order to offer customers a much more diverse experience. Five hundred million people are currently using Instagram. Chinese, Spanish, German, and even Instagram platforms may now be translated by Apple thanks to years of effort put into improving its language ability.

The good news is that you can prevent interpretations from appearing in your Instagram profile by following a few easy steps. The translating feature on Instagram is a fantastic way to give your photos a more international feel. Subtitles and highlighted remarks can be translated in a couple of seconds.

When you’re done, you may read each in their native language. Bear in mind, however, that Instagram’s constructed translating capability only functions with highlighted comments. You need to change your account page and biography to disable Instagram Translate if you want to eliminate this function.


While the text could be translated using the built-in translation on Instagram. Then the replies may need logging into your account from a desktop, copying, and using a translation program. We thus hope that this has resolved any Instagram remark translation problems.

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