Miracles of Science in Next Decade

The remarkable thing about all scientific discoveries is that they create technology and inventions which help us in our day-to-day lives. As a result, the rate at which we innovate has increased exponentially with every discovery made by scientists worldwide. To give you an idea of what changes will be introduced next year, here are ten miracles of science.

Ten Points to Explain the Next Ten Years of Advanced Miracles of Science

1- Biotechnology: Brain’ control over bionic hand


The Touch Bionics Pro Digits Hand is a revolutionary new prosthetic, and it does more than pick up objects. But it can give people with hands without fingers a fully functional ability. The hand requires no surgery whatsoever! All installation takes place in the brain via an array of electrodes; this means complete control for our brains over how we use these digits.

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2- Architecture


Dubai is known for its extravagance, but developers, I am designing a tower with practical applications. The floating 59-floor building in Dubai will have rotating modules with constantly changing exterior designs. The floors are made of independently moving pieces that give you a new perspective on life each time it rotates.

3- Computer: an advanced Miracles of Science


When you read about the coming advances in technology, how do they make your skin crawl? It’s not because of something to fear but instead anticipation. This molecular computing technology shows potential for human improvement. It has been heralded as revolutionary by many experts like Ray Kurzweil. He expects it to be available next year when he believes that Molecular Computing will bring forth an intellectual capability surpassing anything devised so far by humankind. Even it includes those known as Artificial Intelligence systems we’re all familiar with today.

4- Cars and Fuel/petroleum

Cars and Fuel

The future of transportation is electric! Who would have thought we could reduce pollution, boost energy efficiency, and cut petroleum dependency by making our cars run on something as clean-burning as electricity? We’re not there yet, though. It seems like no one has figured out how to make hydrogen fuel cells practical or safe enough for everyday use.

5- Our interaction with the world

Our interaction with the world

Have you ever wondered how we’ll interact with our surroundings in the future? Of course, we are already interacting through smartphones, the internet, and more. However, another huge change is happening that will lead to even more profound innovations.

6- Energy


Solar energy is the future. By 2032, we will be able to power our world with solar panels fully. In just 11 years, Kurzweil estimates that the cost per watt has fallen below one dollar. Moreover, it is doubling away from meeting all of humanity’s needs for energy. That means it’ll happen faster than most people think.

7- Health


DNA sequences are the key to curing several diseases, including aging. With advances in science and technology comes hope for new treatments that can cure common illnesses like colds or cancer at their core.

8- Success


The internet is leveling the playing field for everyone; even 10-year-olds with viral YouTube videos receive thousands of dollars in revenue. However, anyone can start a website and get going if they have an idea without investing millions or market their product. These people need creativity! Even Twitter has launched many successful entrepreneurs into fame through its system.

9- Robots


 In the last decade, robotics has made an extraordinary leap towards assisting us in our daily lives. The most recent advancement is that one robot was able to teach itself human facial effects. Robots also mimic human expressions based on feedback from an AI system that evaluates what it thinks looks real or fake.

10- Clothing: Nanotechnology

Clothing- Nanotechnology

We can soon expect clothing to become more than just a fashion statement with new materials and fibers. Advances in nanotechnology have allowed for stronger fabric that will make our clothes much more comfortable and durable. This process also gives them an attractive appearance while keeping them responsive to customer needs.


Digital technologies and networks are now part of the day-to-day work of science and have meaningfully increased contact with and use scientific data, information, and literature. They promise to accelerate the discovery of knowledge and communication in the scientific community and the wider society, as scientific data and information are openly accessible virtual. In the next ten years, we will be amazed to see more miracles of science with the combination of technology.

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