How To Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads? Is It Safe? Know Here All

Google Chrome is one of the most famous browsers on the planet. It offers a pleasurable user experience as well as secure browsing. Google Chrome comes with built-in security features that examine files before they get downloaded. This security feature guards your computer against viruses, malware, and other infestations. Have you ever attempted to download a file and received pop-up warnings like “This file is hazardous; thus Chrome has blocked it?” Do you know why this keeps happening or how to make it stop? If Chrome continues to block downloads despite your assurances that the file is secure, read the following article to learn How To Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads.

The Advantages of Using Chrome’s Safe Browsing Tools

Before you tell Google that you don’t want them to limit your ability to download any file, consider the benefits it provides us with a secure online experience.

  • Malware notifications will get sent to users
  • Potentially dangerous extensions have no chance to creep the browser
  • Prevents access to potentially hazardous and phishing websites
  • Protects user privacy as well as credentials such as IDs and password
  • Automatic downloads from any website are not allowed

Why Does Chrome Blocks Download?

These are the reasons why you won’t be able to download specific files with Chrome.

  • Google Chrome prevents users from downloading from potentially dangerous websites. This file is part of a website that spreads harmful, fake, or questionable files. Google Chrome likewise blocks automatic downloads from the same source. It can be unpleasant at times, particularly if you’re in the middle of a project.
  • If you cannot access a file after downloading it, the file may attempt to change your system without your permission.
  • Chrome cannot access the security level of Chrome to mark it as safe. 

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How To Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads?

Because Chrome can prevent downloads from unknown sources, we’ve devised a workaround for you. We also presume that you are confident in downloading files from a reputable source and are searching for how to stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads? The process only consists of three steps. 

Note: Before proceeding, make sure your Google Chrome browser is up to date. Click the three dots > Help > About Google Chrome to upgrade the Chrome browser.

Step 1: To begin, click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of Chrome. Go to Settings after that.

Step 2: Then, scroll down to the Settings > Privacy and security options.

Step 3: Select No Protection from the drop-down menu; on the confirmation pop-up that displays, select Turn Off.

Now you know the solution of how to stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads? But now, Chrome will no longer restrict downloads after you’ve made the adjustments. It also won’t alert you about possibly hacked or dangerous sites, such as those that try to phish for personal information or infect your browser in other ways—additional steps to enable it again.

Step 4: Navigate to the tab where you wish to save the file from getting your hands on the file you wanted to download.

Step 5: When the file has finished downloading, go to Settings > Privacy and security and flip the option again. It will prevent you from visiting any other dangerous websites.

Automatic Downloads

Automatic downloads are available on some sites. After converting a file, many file conversion sites begin the downloading process. Google Chrome blocks those attempts. A built-in content limitation may cause problems on sites that execute many downloads. To unblock automatic downloads in Chrome, follow the instructions below.

  1. First, on Google Chrome, go to the Settings menu
  2. Then, go to the Privacy and Security > Site Settings section of the menu.
  3. Finally, select Automatic Downloads in the Additional Permissions section. Toggle the option “Sites can ask to download many files automatically” on

Chrome will no longer restrict automated downloads in the future. Instead, it will prompt consumers to choose whether to allow the download to proceed. That site can be added as an exception to the same choice. If the permission pop-up annoys you every time the site tries to download, you may choose to disable it.

Select Add and input the site’s web address under the “Allowed to download many files” option.

Alternative Security Solutions

Given the regularly circulating quantity of malware, removing the limit on unsafe downloads isn’t the best option. If you still want to keep secure with Safe Browsing turned off and automatic downloads enabled forever, use a security plugin or virus cleanup software. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.


Malwarebytes Browser Guard makes browsing the internet safer and quicker. It filters out irritating advertisements and other unwanted material while blocking trackers and dangerous websites. You’ll be able to surf four times faster as a result of this.

Avast Online Security

You may browse without worry when you have Avast on your side: It checks every site you visit, from Facebook to your bank, to ensure that nothing compromises you or your data. Avast protects you from phishing attempts, provides user reviews, and alerts you if a website is judged untrustworthy by its 400 million users.


Google Chrome can block the downloads. It might cause you a lot of trouble since it can cause your entire operation to get disrupted. To remove limitations, follow the procedures outlined above. Remember to revert Google Chrome to its previous state.

It is not get recommended to disable any Google suggested settings. Google Chrome might block downloads from websites at times. It isn’t pleasant, but it is advantageous. Download the files exclusively from reputable and legitimate websites for greater security and privacy.

If the continuous confirmation pop-up is too complicated, you can add the site to your allow list to allow automatic downloads. 

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