How To Delete FBI Virus On Android – Complete Guide

Fraudsters who make a living from internet scams may be pretty skilled. Scammers are adept at understanding how to frighten their victims, and posing as renowned and authoritative agencies — including the FBI or the IRS — is a well-known deception method. When malicious software containing the FBI virus gets downloaded, it infects Android devices. Because the FBI malware disables a large portion of the Android OS, it may be highly inconvenient. If you are wondering How To Delete FBI Virus On Android Keep on reading as we have a complete tutorial today. 

What is the FBI virus?

The FBI virus is ransomware locks your Android phone and displays a bogus warning message. A pop-up window may appear, showing a series of fake allegations and demanding that you deposit penalty money to get the falsified charges removed. Scammers will typically seek money using a difficult to trace and make retrieving funds impossible.

While FBI virus varieties vary, fraudsters’ objective remains the same: take as much money as possible from as many individuals. With this conclusion, fraudsters frequently seek fair release payments, increasing the likelihood that the ransom would get paid. Unfortunately, these sorts of frauds often target vulnerable and less tech-savvy communities.

How To Delete FBI Virus On Android –  Methods

For years, the scam worked effectively in the PC realm. Now, the culprits are focusing on the ever-growing mobile industry. The critical issue for victims of the FBI malware, as with any other ransomware attempt, is that the infection has the power to lock your device. People pay the crooks’ $100 charge out of desperation because they are afraid of mistakenly downloading something. After all, no one would intentionally want a criminal record by tampering with FBI investigators?

However, paying a ransom is not the best – or even the only – option to fix the situation. In reality, by paying the ransom, you may be endorsing their techniques, or worse, you may be demonstrating Stockholm syndrome by showing compassion for their cause. Here are some things you may do if you get infected with the FBI virus or a variant of such software and you wonder How To Delete FBI Virus On Android

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Remove unrecognized apps

If you just discovered a program you did not install, it is reasonable to assume it is malware.

You may uninstall it by going to settings >> applications >> manage apps >> uninstall on your smartphone. Locate the suspect program, pick it, and remove it.

Clear The Browser’s Cache And Data

If the FBI virus infiltrated the phone in question via a malicious website, the most effective way to remove it will undoubtedly be to delete all traces of it from the Browser.

  • First, navigate to Settings.
  • Navigate to the Application Manager on the device.
  • Locate and press on the device’s default Browser program.
  • Then, click on Clear Cache
  • Clear Data, then confirm the action.
  • Finally, force Stop the action and confirm it by pressing the Force Stop button.
  • If you restart the app manually, no trace of the infection will be left.

Uninstall The Malicious Application To Remove FBI Virus

Almost usually, uninstalling the malicious program that infected an Android smartphone with the FBI malware solves the problem. To prevent the FBI virus home screen and notice, the infected device must get booted into Safe Mode, which differs from device to device. The phrase ‘Safe Mode’ will show on the bottom left-right side of the screen after the phone has launched.

  • First, navigate to the Settings of your device.
  • Then, navigate to the Application Manager on the device.
  • Now, find and choose the malicious application.
  • Then, you should select uninstall.
  • Finally, confirm your decision.

Reset The Device To Factory Settings To Remove FBI Virus

Another thing to do for How To Delete FBI Virus On Android is to reset the device to its factory settings. If uninstalling the malicious software does not remove the FBI virus from such an Android smartphone. The final option, a strategy that is sure to work, is to reset the phone to factory settings. First and foremost, any data that a person does not want to lose should back up to a computer. As a factory reset erases practically all of the data on a device’s onboard storage.

  • First, go to the device’s Settings.
  • Now, locate the device’s Backup and Reset options.
  • Select Factory Data Reset or a comparable option
  • Then, follow the description carefully and double-check them.
  • Finally, wait for the phone to reset to factory settings to remove any traces of the malicious program itself.

Try a different network or connection method

Unless you connect to an insecure network, you may experience symptoms similar to malware-related activity.

Try connecting to a different network using the Settings app > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi or changing to Cellular data to remedy this issue.

Change your Google account password

There’s a reasonable risk that hackers utilized malware to breach your security by hijacking your Google account.

You must update your account password by going to Settings > Google > Manage Google Account. Navigate to the Security tab and choose Password > Reset Password.

Make sure your Password is genuinely unique. You may do this by using a password generator, which generates strong passwords containing symbols, punctuation marks, and digits.

Add two-factor authentication

You may also strengthen your Android security by using 2FA, making it nearly hard for hackers to access your Google account.

To activate it, go to Settings > Google > Manage Google Account. Select two-step verification underneath the Signing in Google portion of the Security tab.

Final Thought

So, that is how to get rid of the FBI virus from Android. First, avoid opening unnecessary apps because this mainly leads you to an FBI virus and makes your android phone go crazy. Also, don’t panic when you come across one because one of the above steps might be helpful for you in eliminating the virus from your phone. If you want any assistance from us, please comment below. Have a great day!

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