How to Connect Samsung Note 4 to PC Via Bluetooth and USB

Thanks to recent technological advancements, our smartphones have evolved into true “microcomputers” that we use to send emails, read attachments, and watch shows. That got said, the laptop is still necessary for more technical activities. In this article, we’ll go through exactly how to connect the Samsung Note 4 to a PC? In this context, we will first learn how to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to your computer using USB. Then, connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 via Bluetooth to complete this instruction.

What You Need To Do Before Connecting Note 4 to PC?

An email account and password connected to Outlook, Hotmail, Windows, or another Microsoft product are necessary for a Microsoft account. Typically, we have one when a user gets created for his machine. If your computer runs the most recent version of Windows, don’t be afraid to check and upgrade if needed.


  • Click the icon “Windows On your keyboard or the left-hand side of your taskbar
  • To access your parameters, click the “Star wheel symbol.”
  • Then, click ” Phone ” “Include a phone.
  • Write the phone number and the country code in the box that appears.

On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You’ll get a Microsoft SMS link to download Microsoft Launcher.” Download it and follow it.

  • Launch the program, then select » Connect to complete the link.
  • You must enter your username and password to complete the process.
  • Accept the various requests for application access. We advise against accepting the request “Launcher for default applications, which will alter your home screen.
  • Now available in the “Phone” section
  • Connecting the Samsung Note 4 to a PC
  • You may now send your web page from your Android browser to your PC.

How to Connect Samsung Note 4 to PC Via USB

This technique may connect the Samsung Note 4 to a computer using a USB cord. First, connect the USB cord from the Samsung Note 4 to your computer and ensure that the mobile networks are active for modem mode to operate correctly.

Go to the “Wireless and networks” section of the settings on your Samsung Note 4 by clicking there first. Then, depending on the phrase mentioned in the preceding line, all you can do is click upon them. such as “Connect sharing,” “Mobile phone network sharing,” or “Networking sharing and mobile communications point.”

From that point on, the situation concerning WiFi mode changes. Click “USB tethering.” Sharing your link is complete. Because the Galaxy Note 4 gets immediately linked to your computer, this approach does not require a password.

How To Connect Samsung Note 4 To PC Via Bluetooth

Finding out how to use Bluetooth to link your Samsung Note 4 and computer is the final option since it will enable you to do so without a cord.

  • On the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, turn on Bluetooth 
  • On your computer, choose Bluetooth from the Peripheral Devices menu, click » Parameters, ” and click » Add a Bluetooth connection or another device.
  • Continue the pairing of two devices after the search gets finished. The PIN is shown on your PC, and your Samsung Note 4 will likely need to be verified. confirm the manipulation
  • The Samsung Note 4 and your PC may now exchange files through Bluetooth.

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What If Samsung Note 4 Is Not Connecting To The Computer?

After the How to connect Samsung note 4 to pc guide, let’s talk about the problem you might face

Select again

The “Power only” selection is the default. Therefore, when the cellphone connects to a computer, it will automatically select “Power Only.” You could discover that your computer cannot identify the data from your smartphone in this case. Then, you may repair the issue by following the procedures listed below.

  • First, in the Notifications bar, scroll down.
  • Then, on the System UI, click the Charging your device through the USB button.
  • When you want to connect the phone to the computer, choose Transfer files or Sync photographs.

Stable connection

Sometimes there are issues with the connection between the computer and the Note 4 that prevent our computers from recognizing Samsung Note 4. To determine whether the two devices are connected, it would be ideal if you tried. So there are three circumstances you could run into:

  • You unintentionally dislodged the USB cable from the Note 4’s or computer’s port. To fix the issue in this situation, disconnect and then re-plug the USB cord from the two devices.
  • The USB cord needs repair. You can then attempt to connect the PC and Note 4 using a different USB cord. You can tell the old USB cable is broken if the new one functions.


The computer may occasionally experience issues with its identification software, rendering your Note 4 unrecognizable. In this situation, you can take the following actions to fix the problem:

  • First, disconnect your phone and computer
  • Then, deactivate your computer.
  • After turning on your computer, attach the phone to it via a USB cord.
  • You may now see if the computer can detect your phone.

Check the USB Sockets

When connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, another scenario might cause the “Note 4 not detected by PC” issue. The USB port here on the phone or PC is broken or malfunctioning.

If the socket on your phone or PC gets broken. You may transfer data from your phone to your computer using Bluetooth, the Windows Your Phone app, or third-party applications like MyPhoneExplorer, AirDroid, etc.

Final Thought

In conclusion, you may use Bluetooth and cable to connect the Samsung Note 4 to the computer. The four solutions address the Samsung Note 4 not recognized by PC” issue if it is not connected. You can attempt one of the two methods outlined above to connect the phone to the computer and transmit data.

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