How to 3D Printing Molecule – Molecular 3D Printing at New Scale

3D printing molecule

The process of 3D printing molecules is perfect for a printing project. It improves the product design, quality, and method of making the product. 3D print is the best and advanced innovation that can change the whole game. Martin Burke is a medical doctor working at the University of Illinois who designs an advanced form of 3D printer. It is known as a molecular 3D printer. It is not only best for healthcare but enables to bring progressive revolution in the medical and commercial printing industry. The molecular 3D printer can 3D print atoms. A decade ago, it may sound crazy, but now it is a fact.

Molecular 3D printing molecules at new scale 

It is a great and unbelievable invention in the history of medicine. The molecular 3D printer can print with chemicals. The building blocks of chemicals have their connectors. The role of a 3D printer is to make the process automatic. With the help of a molecular 3D printer, the building blocks can connect automatically and cause a chemical reaction. The molecular 3D printer makes it easy to create the reaction. The only difficulty that Burke and his mates found was to purify the product found in a chemical reaction. It was also hard to isolate the molecules after the completion of a chemical reaction. However, the procedure and experience were successful. It is beneficial news that doctors can get prints of different organic compounds.

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How to 3D printing molecules

There are three main steps that you need to follow to get three-dimensional printers. In the following section, you can read the easy guide to designing a 3D print of molecules.

Step: 1

The first step is to get the molecule that you want to 3D print. If you already have an idea about a molecule, then that’s right. Otherwise, you can also download the file of the protein data bank of molecules from the internet. After that, you are also allowed to draw your desired molecule. 

We suggest you draw the structure of a molecule. It is the best idea to understand the geometry of a molecule. You need to draw the molecule and then upload it as a protein data bank file.

Step: 2

In a second step, the PDB file is managed and operated to convert into an object file. The object file describes the structure and other properties of the molecule. You can use free software like “blender” to change and edit the PDB file.

Step: 3

Once you saved your molecule as an OBJ file, then you entered phase 3. After saving the objective file, you can print it. The 3D print depends upon the complexity and geometry of the molecule. In some cases, supportive software is required to print the molecule. Much free supporting software is available on the internet. Install the best out of them and support the print.


3D printing technology brings amazing evolution in the field of medicine. Some of this technology benefits are;

  • One of the best contributions of 3D Industrial printing is the customization of healthcare products.
  • Surgical aids, prostheses, and the building of complex design of implants are also developed with the help of a 3D printer.
  • Doctor Burke claims that it can manufacture molecules that could not be created before molecular 3D printing.
  • This 3d printing molecule technology allows prints of molecules in no time that takes years before the invention of the molecular 3D printer.
  • The molecular printer allows us to get a rare molecule that can save human life.


Like all other technologies, molecular 3D printing also has some notable disadvantages like;

⦁ The process of 3D printing is not helpful for the environment. It is not eco-friendly. Its procedure extensively uses energy and plastic.
⦁ Molecular 3D printing allows limited material to use.
⦁ It does not always produce high-quality results.

We conclude from the discussion that 3D printing technology makes impressive changes in the field of medicine. It saves time by providing quick results. Of course, it also has some prominent disadvantages. But we can’t ignore the list of benefits that the 3D printer develops in human life.  

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