Fulfill the energy need of the world with Solar energy

The world we are living in is exhausted of fossil fuels. Using Solar energy is a sustainable solution to our energy problems. But this is not easy as it seems, Solar farms(photovoltaic power station) take a lot of space and need lots of sunlight. What if we have a place that meets the above requirements? A large land area with sunlight every day. What would happen if we cover a desert with solar panels. This is a great idea to implement. But is this possible, is this efficient or is this successful. Let’s discuss it in this article.

Powering up the world with Solar panels

Technically, 1.2 percent of the land of the Sahara desert is enough to fulfill the energy need of the entire world. Then why don’t they do that? There are many reasons for it. Normally a solar farm is built to prevent changes to the environment. But if we built it in Sahara or any other desert, it might cause some changes of its own.

If we cover the desert floor with solar panels to make a solar farm, it would double the rainfall in the region. Which will increase the vegetation cover by around 20 percent. Sounds unbelievable right?

Why a Solar farm is useless in Sahara desert?

Usually, the color of the desert sand is lighter makes it reflect a lot of light and heat back to the air. If we covered the sand with dark solar panels more sun would be absorbed. This will result in the ground temperature rising. Hot air rises to cold air areas then the moisture in there condenses and falls as rain. This will flip the climate to the opposite. So these solar panels will provide energy to the whole world as well as much greenery to the planet. Then why are we waiting for? Why aren’t they building this already? it’s a little more complicated than that.

What’s blocking it from happening

It is a great accomplishment if we manage to produce enough energy to power the world. But how we are going to distribute it to everyone. Consider delivering this energy to Europe, the best route is through Africa. But electrical grids in Africa aren’t very reliable. We need power lines of around 2000 miles. Transporting power to longer distance cost a loss of 10 percent. A very expensive project gets more expensive. Since Africa is home to a few unstable governments. This is a red flag for investors of multi-billion dollar projects like this. This will be a long-term project and there will be lots of moving parts. Several countries would have to be involved. Changing of political landscape over the years could disrupt or maybe put an end to this project.

A massive solar farm that can power up the world is a great idea. But it comes with great difficulties. Investors would not invest in these huge projects even though it makes good for the planet. It’s not their fault, No one wants to spend and waste their money on a huge project after considering the red flags.

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    […] Sunlight or Solar Energy is the most abundant and completely free energy available on the earth. In 1883, Charles Fritts created the first-ever Solar Panel. Normally, Earth receives approximately 173 terawatts(173000000000000W) of solar power. This is more than ten times the total power usage of the earth. So is it possible to utilize this power from Solar Panels to fulfil the energy need of the world?. The answer to that question is here. […]

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