AI in Drug Discovery – Drug Discovery and Manufacture Using AI

Artificial intelligence makes a lot of progress in human life. So it brings development in many aspects of life, particularly the discovery and development of drugs. Medical experts can identify now the drugs that are beneficial for the body or not. Moreover, AI in drug discovery helps us to understand how we can prevent ourselves from diseases or their cure.

Pharmaceutical companies have an awareness of the importance of artificial intelligence in developing drugs. Usually, the manufacturing of drugs needs a lot of time and money. For example, if you want to sell a new drug, it needs 350 million dollars and ten years for popularity. Artificial intelligence makes this process cheap and short. It is the reason that AI earns popularity in the medical industry.

Development in medical industry

If we saw the development of the medical industry a few years ago, there were limited discoveries of medicines. But today, technology brought amazing development in many sectors. Therefore, Artificial intelligence boosts the discovery and development of medicines.

Physicochemical properties directly affect the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. properties include partition coefficient, permeability, degree of ionization, and solubility of drugs. In addition, different tools of artificial intelligence can predict the properties of drugs.  

AI in the medical industry

Pharmaceutical companies are looking for short and cheap ways to produce medical products. When the discovery of a new drug takes a short time, it directly affects human life. But still, there are many diseases for which no medicine has been discovered. There is no proper cure for fatal diseases like COVID-19.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are working together for the development of drugs. So it has not only current benefits but also predicts future advantages. The Beryl Intelligence report has predicted that in 2028, artificial intelligence will bring 70 billion dollars to cost savings. So it will also save the many years that can be consumed without AI.

Drug discovery and manufacturing AI

The main focus of artificial intelligence is to discover and manufacture new medicines for the good fare of humans. We have collected a list of achievements of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine. It is given below;

  • AI makes it possible to make data-based discoveries like cancer drug targets.
  • Designing of new drugs
  • Discovering new targets of biology
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Pre-clinical research
  • The initial stage of drug discovery
  • Optimization of the process of manufacturing drugs
  • Small molecule therapies

Advantages of AI in drug discovery

AI helps scientists and physicians to discover new medicines and improve already existing medicines for rare diseases. Therefore it has the following advantages in the field of medicine;

  1. Many companies are using AI for improving the quality of their drug products.
  2. Excellent potential to discover drugs in the future, even for rare diseases.
  3. We can see the discovery of new drugs every day due to artificial intelligence.
  4. The platforms of artificial intelligence use chemical principles for drug design.
  5. Can assist the discovery of structure-based drugs by predicting the structure of the 3D protein.
  6. AI helps in the prediction of toxicity and bioactivity of drugs.
  7. Helps to analyze the medical history of the patient and then predict the treatment.
  8. Artificial intelligence has a vital role in the diagnosis of breast cancer.
  9. AI tech identifies the label, prescription, and defects in medicine packing before processing in the market for sale.
  10. The assurance of drug quality can save money, time, lives, and the company’s reputation.

Disadvantages of AI in the drug industry

The disadvantages of AI in pharmacy are;

  1. Expensive procedure for a new and small pharmaceutical company. So implementation of AI needs enormous costs.
  2. Needs support.
  3. New technology, So we can’t take it as error-free technology.
  4. In some cases, a judgment made by AI does not require it. At that time, the man-made conclusion needs to be preferred.


So, Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology that boosts the rate of development in any field of life. Therefore we can’t ignore its beneficial impacts on the pharmaceutical industry and drug discovery. Because it saves human lives from different rare diseases by discovering new drugs. But we must also know about its limitations.

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