Cognitive Augmentation: Ingredients and Uses of Intelligence Amplification

Cognitive augmentation and intelligence amplification is a machine learning intelligence first designed in 1950 and 1960. It was proposed by cybernetics and computer pioneers of that time. IA is a term used to explain the effectiveness of information technology in expanding human intelligence.

Intelligence amplification is combined with artificial intelligence. So the primary purpose of its discovery is to make computers more advanced, like human intelligence. For the successful invention of that smart computer, artificial intelligence requires compelling data and models. Intelligence amplification or cognitive augmentation are working to fulfill the requirements. However, IA has one significant difference with artificial intelligence. Intelligence amplification is designed based on human intelligence, and human intelligence has been evolving since the very first century. Artificial intelligence does not build intelligence from a human. It created intelligence from scratch.

Cognitive augmentation: Ingredient of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence developed many years ago and has wide popularity. Intelligence amplification comes as a fast ingredient and base of artificial intelligence. It provides a safe path to design technologies and tools that do not create their intelligence and rely on the human consciousness. IA tools can play a significant role in different purposes like the discovery of electronics, language tools, and tools for image processing. So it uses the technologies of machine learning the same as IA.

The purpose of intelligence amplification is not to replace humans but assist them for purposes. It means that IA does not depend entirely on machines for business but also works with the human brain. It just wants to do tasks and tasks that are more productive and efficient, like artificial intelligence.

Real-time uses of cognitive augmentation: 

Intelligence amplification is involved in fulfilling real-time tasks of human beings,

for example;


Intelligence amplification and cognitive augmentation make it easy to do shopping. It helps the shoppers in finding their desired product. For example, a Walgreen app connects with the shopping card of the user and uses the computer vision of Google tango. Google is a service of 3D maps that guides the user in-store. You can easily search the product name and category, item number by your voice. Users can also give instructions to the app to provide them instructions about the store and location of the product in-store.


Advanced technology has changed the processes of production and manufacture. In addition, intelligence amplification has created many other tools to help engineers in making repairs. For example, NGRAIN is a 3D imaging company in Canada. It uses 3D analytics to scan the images and then find the minor damages to the aircraft. The 3D analytics also use the data to repair the operations and maintain them.

Home Decoration

Intelligence amplification can target the needs of home decoration. IKEA is a famous company for home decor purposes. The company has developed an app by using intelligence amplification technology. The app can support 2D and 3D image tracking and recognition. You can move the still furniture photos and decorate them in a room. The app also helps to measure the room dimensions. You can also drop a picture of furniture into the image. It will give a customer an idea that it looks beautiful in the room and can easily decide


The technology of IA is helpful in high field visualizations. It magnifies the awareness about the situation and helps in improving planning the mission.


IA brings amazing modification in the field of medicine. For the development of more advanced tools, many technology companies are researching new tools. For example, consultants of Cambridge claimed to have the potential to combine MRI and CT scans. The combination of MRI and CTI empowers doctors to take a 3D image of the body.

The bottom line

So we concluded that Cognitive augmentation and intelligence amplification are amazing additions in today’s technological and advanced world. However, in today’s fast-growing world, we can’t rely on old technologies. A more advanced world needs more advanced tools. Intelligence amplification works based on artificial intelligence and has the aim to develop more advanced tools.

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