Why Your Android Phone Makes Calls By Itself [SOLVED]

We know the frustration when an Android phone makes calls by itself. Actually, it really doesn’t matter the type of phone that you are using when someone calls and tells you that you are making calls when you are not doing so. If this sounds like your situation right now, you are at the right place as we are talking about the remedies to the exact issue. Let’s get started.

So Why Android phone makes calls by itself?

There can be various reasons why your Android is making calls by itself. However, as an ordinary user, you really don’t have to think about the technical side of things. Instead, it would help you consider only the solutions. The next passage of the article will reveal how to troubleshoot Android phone makes calls by itself. 

Solutions to Android phone makes calls by itself

Let’s take one solution at a time and go deep into advanced ones.

Update your device’s software

Mobile phones nowadays are more or less similar to computers. These types of issues often arise because of the malfunctions of the software of it. Whoever the manufacturer is, they release new updates to the software to mitigate issues, and one such issue can be Android making calls on its own.

So, it is your duty to check whether the phone that you are using is running on the latest software version. You would see an option to find your phone’s software on the settings menu of your phone, and from there, you can check whether there is an update available to install.

Check call settings

Perhaps, you have activated the direct calling feature of your phone. If this is the case, your Android will make calls accidentally when you bring your phone up to your ear. Yes, the direct calling feature is pretty helpful for users to cut down the time they spend making a phone call, but it can come back and hurt you with this kind of an issue as well.

In order to check this, you will have to go to the settings of your phone and navigate to advanced settings. There you will see the direct calling option and whether it is activated or not. Make the necessary adjustments accordingly to deactivate it.

Reset the Android

If you think your Android makes calls by itself because of an erroneous which you cannot remember, then you can reset all the settings to the factory default. However, other than the settings you have input previously, there won’t be any other data deleted from your phone. Still, we highly recommend you back up the data of your before you execute a reset.

Reboot the phone in safe mode

 In order for you to check whether the issue with the downloaded app, you can opt for rebooting your device in safe mode. Although this really isn’t a remedy to the prevailing problem, rebooting your phone will help you determine if the error is caused because of a new app or a downloaded file.

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Here is how you reboot an Android device in safe mode

Press the power button of your device and hold it until you see the power off option appear on display. Once you see the option, release the button. Then press and hold the power off icon on display for a few seconds.

Here you will notice the option to enter into the safe mode of your Android. After you get into safe mode, check whether the issue is still there or not. If the error continues to take place, it means your phone has something wrong other than the newly downloaded apps or files.

Factory reset

Although this is not the ideal situation to be in, you will have to factory reset your phone if none of the above solutions work for you to overcome the situation. By performing a factory reset, all of your Android’s data will get wiped off.

So, make sure to back up everything before you do anything. After the factory reset, the phone will come to its original state, which the manufacturer has released. After you back up the data of your phone, please follow the below-mentioned procedure to factory reset your smartphone.

Go to the settings app of the device and navigate to reset. From there, you can select the factory reset option to wipe off the data in order to use the device as a new one.

Maybe your Android makes calls by itself due to a malware hit

Yes, there is a high possibility that malware has caused your device to make decisions on its own. Rebooting in safe mode will help you identify the suspicious app, and you can delete it from your system. However, if you don’t take timely actions to remove it, the malware or the virus could transmit into more devices in your network or even cause substantial damage to the phone.

When you download stuff, make sure to get them only from reliable sources. In addition, it would be best to use high-quality virus protection. Even the virus protection you download to your phone may have issues with it. So, be cautious about that factor as well.


We hope now you have a fair idea about why your Android phone makes calls by itself and how to deal with it. More often than not, it’s you who have created the issue, not the poor Android. Moreover, don’t try to jail-break Androids unless it is really needed. If you jail-break an Android for whatever reasons, you are inviting a wide range of issues into your phone. It can make way for viruses as well.

We hope the info we brought you today is clear and it helped you fix the issue. If not, please drop your issue in the below comment section. We will attend to it as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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